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CS:GO Skin Trading Now Has 7-Day Wait Periods, Skin Gamblers Panic

In its latest attempt to at least look like it’s combating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s “skin gambling economy,” Valve has stopped newly traded items from …


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  1. I seriously can’t believe people waste thousands of dollars for a bunch of 1s and 0s that execute a series of color textures. I mean, you can’t even TOUCH IT. If your computer is off, the skin practically ceases to exist.

    People will try to counter-argue that by saying dumb crap like “hurr durr well a shirt is just a bunch if fibers hurr durr.”

  2. DUDE! I am so with you. I've played CSGO since year 1. I couldn't give less of a Jesus fucking turd about this horrendous garbage. I mean fuck you guys, I'm playing a video game for the ever living sake of Christ on a Cracker! Why would any one think that these people deserve to trade skins for loot crap despite it? I just shoot the terrorists (or CT) from time to time! How has this become an "industry?"

  3. I had someone break into my steam via my moms email and I have no idea how my moms emails was set as the recovery and when I got my account back it was nothing but csgo crap… Man there are people with some serious csgo problems to use my steam as a skin toilet and to spin a wheel and to remove all my friends just too add csgo sites for more points or what ever da fuk.

  4. For years I have been witnessing my breed dying. The game is so cold with all of these toxic hooligans and gamblers gawking over their lack of self worth. I just want to have fun with a team figuring out the best way to win. But nobody wants to fucking do that 🙁

  5. Didn't know this immense silliness was a thing. The more you learn!

    But this just means traders have to plan one week ahead now.

    …then again a lot of people in this are probably impulsive as hell and the one-week delay will kill their impulse. It might well crash the market, in which case, I will laugh.

  6. IMO, the whole skin thing is silly.
    I play CS:GO a lot (as in, play the game in various available modes) primarily because of the gunplay. And how your gun looks is a small part of that. If anything, I wish Valve did two things:
    1) Allowed me to pay a modest fee for a skin I like.
    2) Dropped the lootbox system altogether, it's a scummy gambling one, no matter how you handle it. Valve doing scummy things is weird, but it's there.

    Some skins that I would really like to run around with (M4A4 Neo-Noir, for example, is a gorgeous fucking skin) cost a completely insane ammount of money for a digital item in a game.
    It actually, honestly, dims my enjoyment of the game a tiny bit that I can't just get a cool skin for a reasonable price. I mean TF2 did weapons for fixed prices, and I just bought those.

    Otherwise, yeah, the core game suffers not from this. The game is as fun to watch and play, so the cybersport part shouldn't be affectef at all.

  7. ok lol wait, so everything stays the exact same but the listings get updated slower? and someone makes a fuss out of this saying something changes? haha wow just wow

  8. I, as of recently, sent an email to Valve explaining why the update was going to cause the community to steadily fade away. Knowing the Valve support team and their track record of below-average customer service/support, I doubt that one email by one guy is going to get the point across, but honestly, I don't want to see the community fall apart. I've been a part of it for 2 years and counting, so I hope that Valve will just reverse this update and continue to try to keep this community alive.

  9. It's dumb to compare youtubers with the trade skinners, youtubers and youtube have an actual business deal, but these guys are just… Leeches, no? If I understand it correctly at least.

  10. You know, making money off other people's addictions is what drug dealers do. Considering this whole skin gambling piece of shit is just a barely-legal way to feed other people's addictions and making kids, children and teenagers addicted to fucking gambling, and considering that gambling-addiction its a really fucked up thing that destroys entire families … Fuck this system, go out your fucking houses and work like a decent human being fucking parasites. It's not even your work, you made money off other company's and people's work. Parasites

  11. Skin gamblers panic as well as anyone reliant on the market for income (example: skin farmers in Venezuela that participate in the trading market for profit.) You are fucking over impoverished people in third world countries because you are concerned about people participating in a activity that shouldn't even be illegal.

  12. Maybe I'm just old… but I don't understand all the rage for skins. I mean it's cool but I don't get people paying a good amount of money for them.

    Eh, I guess whatever floats your boat I suppose.

  13. it sounds similar to what Steam already has with Trading Cards and such on their marketplace to begin with, wait period before you can resell, and if you get trading cards from the marketplace, and udr them to build a badge, you also can't sell stuff from obtaining that badge until after a set amount of time.

  14. More people order more things online now adays than going to store given the option. I don't see how waiting a week drives down price it just puts skins on hold for one week. You will lose that first week insane prices with new stuff but beyond that it usually balances.

  15. This skin stuff is just so weird. Who are these people paying money to buy skins for a game they are not playing? It’s the strangest thing I can think of in the video game industry. The websites even existing is strange if you think about it. How has Valve not sued these sites for copyright infringement? I mean these websites are selling assets from Valve’s game right? I’m just so confused? How is any of this a thing???

  16. Has always been my opinion that counterstrike was the worst when it came to microtransactions. Yes sure SWbf2 could make you better in game. But CS skins is litteraly currency, litteraly gambling. Being able to trade it and sell it for actual money.

  17. The double standards people put on when talking about Valve's shady practices never ceases to amaze me. EAs lootboxes being like gambling for an advantage gets the game basically burned to the fucking ground and starts a political controversy, but CSGOs skin economy where you can gamble for items that net you ACTUAL MONEY is okay??? The CSGO system is about as close to actual gambling as you can get, but nobody cares.

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